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Daily tours

Educational tours for SKR with a tour of the monuments of nature and architecture.

Cognitive tour turns on SKR with examination of monuments of nature and architecture.

Shymkent-Lake Syr-darya


Distance of 230 km Time on the way 2 hours.

Visit of the greatest and overflowing river in middle Asia and Kazakhstan of Syr-darya. Excursion on the tugai forest of Syr-darya. Review of red book groves. Bathing and picnic ashore on the majestic river bank. Water walk on a boat by a capacity 3 men to the river islands. Lodging for the night is in a tourist tent.


$ 150 for a group of 4 or less people (transport, guide).

Shymkent-Kyzyl Kum desert


Distance of 250км.Time on the way 2,5 hour

Departure on nature for examination of sandy desert of Middle Asia. Excursion on the saxaul forest. Review of the desert wells. Ascent on the top of Karamoly of the desert ridge of Karatau in a 388 m high.Rolling on boards on the slope of sand dune .Watching the animal kingdom of the desert during sunset of a sun. Supper around the campfire from a saxaul. Contemplation of night sky with stars. Lodging for the night on caremate star open-skies.

The cost of the car $ 170

Shymkent-Lake Kyzylkol


Distance to the point of setting is 220 km

Time on the way 2,5 hour.

A trip to the unique salt lake in the foothills of the Karatau mountains, the mineral composition of the water which is identical to the Dead Sea. Swimming in the lake. Receiving health mud baths. Monitoring the coast, there are the remains of the fauna of the Jurassic period. Walk to the picturesque canyon of the river Ushbas.

Cost of autoturn of 150$

Shymkent is mineral springs Aktas


Distance of 200км.Time on the way 3 hours

Autohike in central part of mountain range of Каratau for the visit of three healthful sources Aktas, located on the tops of mountain ridge. The temperature of water of springs arrives +at 18 degrees. This is the most delicious and useful for health water of Karatay. Immersion and bathing in lithoidal pools with the mineralized water.

Car cost $ 150 with a guide.

Shymkent - watchtower Aksumbe


The distance of 350 km.

Travel time 4:00

Visiting north slopes of mountain Karatau and review of a ancient watchtower 12 centuries, built in the days of Khorezmshah, surviving a mongolian invasion and entering in the complement of empire of Timur, as a daily and night patrol, saving without restoration an entrance, clay stages and window apertures. Picnic and spending the night ashore magnificent reservoir at the foot of mountains.

Bike tour cost $ 250.

Shymkent - canyon river Bala Baldyberek


Distance is 90 kilometres

Time on the way 1,5 hour

The trip in the valley of the Western Tien-Shan Mountains, near the nature reserve Aksu-Zhabagly. Rest on the shore of a mountain river. Walk through the juniper forest in the gorge along the river Bala Baldyberek. Inspection of the confluence of two mountain streams, crystal clear river Bala Baldyberek and turquoise river Baldyberek with glaciers.

Bike tour cost $ 100

Shymkent - desert Betpak Dala


The distance of 370 km.

Travel time 4:00

Visit clay desert Betpak Dala and sandy desert Moinkum. Visit ancient Kazakh graves 18th and 19th centuries. Rest on the shore of the Chu River. Swimming and fishing in the river Chu.

Bike tour cost $ 250.

Shymkent-desert lake Akzhaykyn


The distance of 380 km. Travel time 4:00

Visit amazing lake Akzhaykyn located in the desert Moyinkum, with crystal clear salt water. Cruise boat on lake. Lodging for the night on the lake bank.

Cost $ 300 bike tour

Shymkent- castle ruins Akyrtas


The distance of 230 km. The journey takes 3.5 hours

Visit only in Kazakhstan megalithic constructions of the 8th century, the majestic ruins of the castle of the giant Akyrtas.

Cost of autoturn of 150$

you will travel in composition a group escorted by a guide. If you do not love adventures in a journey prefer, that all goes, as prearranged before hand, if you want much to know about South Kazakhstan and make an effort understand his culture and people, then this option is for you.